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  • Switching

    48V5A (240W) Ordinary Switching Power Supply

    [detailed] + more Product specifications:TTW-48V240W
  • Commercial

    AC220V3W Indoor Lighting LED Spotlights

    [detailed] + more >Product specifications::TTW-3WSD
  • LED

    9MM White LED exposed string of white plastic

    [detailed] + more >Product specifications::TTW-F9W
  • Toroidal

    AC12V20W Ordinary Toroidal Transformer

    [detailed] + more >Product specifications::TTW-PT12V20W
  • controller

    Features 1, RGB colorful module and the light of the controller; 2, control mode: DIP control; 3, the display mode: seven static, seven-color transition, seven-color gradient, colorful jump plus colorful gradient; 4, dynamic speed adjustable; 5, power-down memory function; 6, RGB three-way signal (a total of positive)

    [detailed] + more >Product specifications::TTW-KZQ09

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