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Integrity and reputation far more important than the performance

source:Integrity and reputation far more important than the performance Release date:2016/12/29 13:54:34

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Shenzhen TOTIWO Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TOTIWO Technology) is located in Longhua New District, Shenzhen, is a professional LED lighting lighting, toroidal transformers, switching power supply and control system technology product development, production, sales, engineering and services as one of modernization Tech enterprises, Shenzhen into the LED lighting lighting, switching power supply and control system of professional production One of the enterprises. The company has been formed to domestic projects bidding, domestic channels and foreign direct marketing and agents for the framework of the marketing platform.

        Our products are all kinds of products, TOTIWO series of products are now exported to the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe, Middle East and Africa and other countries and regions. TOTIWO independent research and development production of LED high-end advertising light source is a moderate price, stable quality and perfect after-sales service to win the sea, both inside and outside the user recognition and praise, and in the industry reputation.
        TOTIWO is actively implementing the concept of environmental protection and energy saving. It has introduced a new series of products: switching power supply, toroidal transformer, commercial lighting, LED light source and intelligent control system. It has been well received by various professionals in and out of the industry.
        TOTIWO technology to "build first-class brand, provide first-class service" for the purpose of government, telecommunications, hotels, railway stations, terminals, airports, highways, electric power, securities, finance, sports venues and other industries to provide overall solutions. With a number of independent core technologies and patents, and took the lead in the development of enterprise standards, and effectively promote the Chinese LED advertising industry vigorous development. The company has customers at home and abroad for the construction of a large number of high-quality works.
     "Quality, customer first" is our principles and policies. Integrity, innovation, speed, to meet customer needs is our principle of service, a warm welcome to all sectors of the community to visit, visit, cooperation, we will be quality products, reasonable prices, satisfactory delivery and quality service dedication To our customers!
     "We share with our customers the success of happiness" is our consistent business philosophy, hope that the majority of customers at home and abroad to, as always, concerned about us, support us, let us witness LED lighting lighting, switching power supply and control system miracle.
        TOTIWO technology: good quality, through the world; shines the world, light up the future.